Mailbag: Reverse Alchemy


The feedback email box is working; I got a solicitation from some sort of weird reverse alchemists:

We provide the best lead generation campaign for companies looking at growth and sales in the Asia Pacific and North America region. Cbox Sales has been working with multinational business companies for almost 2 decades now

Odd English aside, I have so many questions.

Who needs more lead?

Lead is toxic, bad for both individuals and society. The only lead scarcity I'm aware of is some scientists needing pre-WWII lead for its low levels of radioactivity, but Cbox does not mention whether their fresh lead is low-background like this, and I do very few particle physics experiments anyway.

Also, non-low-background lead is not very scarce, with a spot price today of about $1 per pound, which makes me wonder about their process - they have to be transmuting some pretty cheap materials into lead, and either not using much energy, or with cheap energy sources (waste solar power timed right on the duck curve?)


Why would someone be trying to increase lead levels?

Maybe some sort of foreign adversary trying to destabilize or dumb down our society? But they server North America and Asia Pacific, who would want to destabilize both of those entire regions? Maybe Luxembourg is flexing its expansionist ambitions?

Or maybe it's a subtle burn, and they think my readership will increase if lead levels increase? Hard to say, usually hate-mail is more direct.

Anyway, there are many areas of further research here.