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Web Services

We offer the following Web services:

Web Applications

We can create Web-based applications, for internal or external use. Security is not a problem; we can use e-commerce-style security architectures to make the application hacker-resistant.

Using Web applications for internal applications has several advantages. Users can access the application from different platforms without having to install any software. With some added security, employees on the road can access the application.

Small businesses can benefit from having Web applications for customers as well. Appointments, inventory, and other status reporting becomes possible, without a large investment in software or hardware, using our Web applications running on open-source platforms.

Website Updating

If you have an existing website with out-of-date information, we can update it at a reasonable price. If you have continuous updating needs, we can set up a monthy-retainer arrangement. Alternatively, we can re-work the website into a form that you can easily update yourself.

Website Design

We can create custom web sites from scratch. We don't have professional graphic artists, though, so you need to have graphics already on hand, or know what you want well enough so we can create the graphics. Likewise, because we lack marketing staff, you'll have to have content already created.

We can create sites that are accessible, that work in a variety of browsers and platforms, that are bandwidth-efficient and resource-efficient, and that are simple to update.

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