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Custom Software

We can do entirely new pieces of software, or modify in-house or open-source software to suit your needs. Perhaps you could benefit from having a business process automated. Maybe it would be nice if your Samba fileserver could dynamically generate certain files. Maybe your sales people just want to generate some charts in Excel from database data.

We work primarily in C and Perl, but aren't above Visual Basic (it's good for quick and dirty Windows apps), and can interface any of that to SQL databases. We can do CGI Web applications as well, with security as good as that of e-commerce sites (if you need it) or no security at all (if that better suits your business need).

Currently, if you need software in PHP, Java or other languages (for local maintainability) then we can't help. Likewise, if your project is large (e.g. implementing a multi-national customer-relationship-management system from scratch) then we just don't have the manpower to finish in any reasonable time frame.

Prior Projects