Friendly and Helpful Consultants
We are a full-service IT operation, offering on-site service in the Raleigh/RTP, NC area. Whether you're a mom-and-pop business that needs a phone system, a software company with particularly thorny bugs, or a regular person who wants to beef up your Internet security, we can help.

The links on the left describe our services in detail. We can't do everything, so we won't hesitate to let you know if a job you want us to do is beyond our capabilities. If you're in doubt, email us and we'll let you know.

Currently featured services:

Software: Databases

Have something you need to keep track of, but not sure where to start? Do you have a solution written in Microsoft Access, and want to upgrade to something more scalable? Do you have an existing database that you want to migrate to some other product, without having to re-enter everything? We can help.


With a Linux server, Asterisk can drive complex telephony applications like appointment reminder calls, voice response menus, or even voicemail. Its feature set rivals the big-time PBXes, and it can use regular analog lines and T1s as well as Voice Over IP. From basic phone systems to specialty applications, if it involves Asterisk, we can help.

Residential: Personal Info Cleanup

Do you have an old computer you want to sell or give away? Are you worried about your personal information going with it? We can help by scrubbing any personal information from your machine's hard drives. format c: is easy to recover chunks of information from. We have several options to fit your constraints of paranoia, budget and time.